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Promoting Sustainable Education
Education is crucial to the long-term development of a nation. And many African Government have identified educational improvement as the number one priority in their recent economic development strategic plan. CEDCOW looks forward to working together with all stakeholders to improve access to and quality of education that enhances development be it in schools, vocational or agricultural skills training, workshops, seminars, publications or conferences .

CEDCOW recognises that education is a vital sector whose performance directly affect and even determines the quality and magnitude of Africanís development .It is the most important means to develop human resources, transform the capacity of institutions, and impact appropriate skills, knowledge and altitudes. We recognise that education is equally crucial for Africa to harness it resources, industrialise and participate equally in the global knowledge economy and provide means by which Africa will enhances its rich cultural heritage, peace and promote positive African values.

Many obstacles prevents access to and participation in education amongst them poverty and related issues of direct and indirect cost as well as distance to school, social exclusion and the school environment. A main challenge is still to increase girls access to education and ensure that equal numbers of girls and boys are in school.

CEDCOW  will therefore work with it partners to promote sustainable education;

Research , identify and initiate programmes that will foster educational developments.

Promote the education of the girl child.

Work with communities to identify and support educational projects.

Campaign and advocate for international assistance towards education in Africa.

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