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Sustainable Management Of Environment And Conservation
We recognise that poor communities rely solely on natural resources in their environment for survival hence poverty alleviation strategy and policies should explore the connections between environment and human welfare.

In line with the expectations of the millennium development goals, CEDCOW  will  participate in international campaigns and discourse that centres on key development challenges affecting society and the environment in Africa

Our vision is to build sustainable balance between people and nature by empowering local communities in Africa to reduce poverty, enhance their opportunities and well-being as well as strengthen their roles  as environmental actors . CEDCOW also support efforts to engage people to create and build important and accountable institutions, a sound public policy and development models that protect diversity and integration of selected ecosystem. We believe that this requires the willingness on the part of people to try to understand one another's perspective and seek common grounds.

CEDCOW will also support all efforts that promote environmental sustainability, eg tree planting, natural resource management, protection of flora and fauna and build capacity of forest communities.
We recognises that deforestation is particularly severe in places where the only way to earn a living is to cut down trees, selling the wood for fuel or as building material.

In those areas, besides promoting tree-planting and soil improvement ventures, CEDCOW WILL:

Support  schemes which provide alternative sources of income for local communities.

Promotes wildlife, forest preservation and ecotourism.

Work with local partners and organisations to identify and initiate projects which conserve endangered wildlife and biodiversity .

Promote sustainable use and conservation of medical plants.

Encourage the use and conservation of non wood forest products.

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Created On : 12-01-2012
cocoa and palm cultivation: major source of income in West Africacocoa and palm cultivation: major source of income in West Africawomen learning vegetative multiplication of plantsMigration that support economic growth and stability