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 Sustainable Development Research.

We promote, research activities that foster poverty alleviation and development through dissemination of vital knowledge and information that enable people to take meaningful decision and choices about the opportunities in their environment be it in the UK or Africa.

We work with Govt agencies, NGOs , academic and civil society leaders to obtain, interpret and communicate data which can help to eradicate poverty as well as change policies and actions to increase human welfare. CEDCOW strongly believe in the power of information and recognises that enormous breakthrough in sustainable development can take place if  people are abreast with the changes happening in their environment and the  world. 

We hope to build a bridge between sustainable development research, it application and establish policy relationships which affect human well-being, eg poverty and migration. CEDCOW will update vital research in areas we work and promote news and development that foster sustainable development and poverty eradication in Africa.

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Created On : 12-01-2012
cocoa and palm cultivation: major source of income in West Africacocoa and palm cultivation: major source of income in West Africawomen learning vegetative multiplication of plantsMigration that support economic growth and stability