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Capacity building

Capacity building is  core to CEDCOW’s mission and is reflected in many of our international developments programmes. The purpose is to strengthen and support the structure and capability of organisations to enable it plan and manage poverty alleviation or sustainable development  projects and programmes. Capacity building takes a variety of forms, involving people and project management, technical support, strategic planning ,financial support and new organisational models which can better promote or encourage sustainable development.

We are and will continue to work in partnership with local, regional and national organisations in Africa to strengthen and support their structures and institutions, making it more workable and effective in carrying out their duties. Furthermore, we encourage accountability and judicious management of resources through training and advise. 

We believe that many of institutions especially in Sub Saharan Africa lacked the necessary or effective institutional framework and modalities to sustainably deliver.

We therefore:

Build the capacity of community based organisations, government and NGOs.  Empower them to work in partnership to resolve common obstacles to growth and development.

We advocate, advice and design appropriate programmes for institutions and NGOs,etc to boost community development activities and ensure balances in economic, environmental and social sustainability as well as enhance the capabilities of these organisations to successfully deliver, using their culture, social , religious, traditional skills and values.

Support local communities to manage their natural resources, strengthening their capacity to manage  land use, promote and integrate traditional and indigenous cultural belief, knowledge and actions into natural resources and environmental management.

Conduct training, short courses, workshops and seminars on a range of areas relating to sustainable development and poverty alleviation.

Work with partners to increase skills of NGOs to undertake outreach activities.

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