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Strengthening Development Advocacy - Advocacy for change.

CEDCOW believe that advocacy has the potential to bring significant and sustainable change to all societies. Our advocacy strategy aims at empowering individuals and communities and generate more resources to the poor. Our intention is to bring diverse organisations together especially in Africa to work on common issues. The cornerstone of our advocacy programme is to organise campaigns and projects in order to achieve change in policy, practice, altitude and modalities for greater justice and poverty alleviation. We therefore consider development education as a vital tool to reinforce these policy in Africa.

CEDCOW's campaign activities;- from poverty alleviation, fair trade , climate change, refugees rights etc are all connected to the strategy of achieving these outcomes and solely intended to mobilise public support both in the UK , internationally and in Africa.

We intend to share our experiences of working in poor communities amongst other organisation to change policies and practice that affects their lives.

CEDCOW recognises that campaign and advocacy for people's rights and aspirations will ultimately change the ways in which resource,  and decisions are made so that people and institutions in Africa have greater opportunities and means to control their own destiny.

Together with our partners, we are committed to:

Advocate  for the rights of African migrants and refugees in UK

Support regional and community based organisation and strengthen their network capacity..

Assist with advice and representation or identify key issues of African interest.

Increase networking and collaboration amongst NGOs.

Help African NGOs and community organisations to effectively represent the interest and expectations of their communities with regard to poverty alleviation and sustainable development.

Conducting advocacy and awareness raising campaigns, encouraging access to information in a user-friendly way in local languages for broader outreach.

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