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UK Programme

The aim or objective of our UK programme is to:

  • Assist with the smooth integration of African Migrants and refugees.
  • Help to reduce poverty and social exclusion .
  • Assist to break down barriers between refugees and their communities.
  • Promote the image, initiatives and activities of refugees in UK.
  • Advocate and empower migrants and refugees to obtain services in their communities.

                   The  Overall Goal of our UK programme is to:

Integrate African Migrants, especially refugees and enhance their contribution to the development of their Home Countries.

                                            Programme values

    To  Contribute to the development and well-being of society

Increasing barriers to refugee integration in the UK  has hugely contributed in making them  one of the most disadvantaged and marginalised groups in the UK society.
In the UK, Cedcow chooses and conduct projects that enhance services to Africa Migrants especially support to refugees and asylum seekers ,empower them and their families to effectively integrate to society as well as acquire relevant resources and skills needed to improve their income and well-being.

Given the enormous challenges facing African migrants in the UK especially refugees and asylum seekers, such as, access to credit, unemployment, social exclusion, language barriers, etc. It has been very difficult for one out of four African migrants including refugees to move out of poverty, according to recent Official estimate. We believe that African migrants especially refugees will continue to face social exclusion as a result .We equally recognise that economic security, generally requires access to credit, resources, information, job training,  affordable housing and livable wages,etc.

While adverse media coverage about refugees and asylum seekers in the UK is posing a formidable obstacle to the process of social and economic integration of migrants, we also acknowledge that  better integration and  social inclusion  of African migrants will increase public participation, promote cultural solidarity, foster dialogue, reduce crime, racism, school drop out, as well as religious and cultural tension . It will also encourage migrants to contribute enormously to UK economy and support development projects back home in Africa.

We believe that real inclusion and integration of African migrants especially refugees is a matter of rights and refusing them vital resources, services and opportunities gravely affect their quality of life in the UK and threatened equality and cohesion of society as a whole.

Amongst other measures, CEDCOW will;

  • Ensure that African migrant especially refugees are empowered to contribute to the UK society and their contribution is valued.
  • Live free from discrimination and prejudice of any grounds.
  • Live in a safe community free of fear.
  • Liaised with relevant organisation that support and promote refugees and  provide appropriate and timely support when needed
  • Inform and encourage migrants especially refugees to work .
  • Educate migrants about viable economic opportunities back in Africa and encourage them to contribute or invest in development projects in their home countries
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