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Our integration strategy

CEDCOW will continue to pursue the following activities in order to accomplish its objectives and commitments of better integrating African migrants especially refugees and asylum seekers. 

Identify refugee needs and priorities and work with relevant organisation to offer assistance. 

Advocate on their behalf to obtain services.

Provide housing advise and support.

Help  with English language training and enrolment in relevant language institutions.

 Ensure children  of refugees are given special support since there is always a difference between the UK educational systems and those of migrant countries.

Provide assistance and  access to health services

Help with relevant trainings that can facilitates or enhance job prospects.

Encourage and promote volunteering since it is a good and effective way to get hands on experience for job.

Liaises and network with partners to provide services and support that address migrants and the needs of refugees  from Sub Saharan Africa.

Undertake and encourage research, exploring issues affecting the well-being of African Migrants in UK.

Advocate and campaign for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.

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cocoa and palm cultivation: major source of income in West Africacocoa and palm cultivation: major source of income in West Africawomen learning vegetative multiplication of plantsMigration that support economic growth and stability