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       Refugee integration in UK "the Dilemma"

Britain continue to take pride in welcoming migrants and refugees  and have made substantial contributions to enriching the economic and social life of the kingdom. However, Britain policy and strategy of receiving and integrating refugees is increasingly undermined by adverse or hostile media campaign and pressure from right-wing politics such as the BNP. Such campaigns continue to hinder the process of integration, fuelling social exclusion amongst refugees and migrant communities and perpetuating tension especially in heavy migrant settlements or population in the UK.

By "integration" we mean the process that takes place as refugees are empowered to achieve their potentials as members of British society, to contribute fully to the community and to become fully able to exercise the rights and responsibility that they share with other residents.

CEDCOW  recognises that refugees have very specific needs as a result  of their experiences and circumstances and service providers must identify these needs and seek ways of addressing it in order to give them a chance and opportunity to integrate and improve their well-being.
These obstacles range from language skills, lack of work experiences, access to community services, support and advice on housing and welfare services, lack of knowledge and or contact with relevant public institutions to provide vital help. We also recognise that some  public institutions, service providers and support services do not address the needs of refugees and their families or do not take into context their  socio-cultural or traditional backgrounds.

These problem prevents many refugees from securing Jobs at least appropriate to their abilities and skills or access to adequate support to live a better life. As a result  many refugees are forced to pick up low earning jobs such as cleaning, factory labourers, etc. In most cases, this problem is compounded by language barrier.

consequently, many migrants and refugees with good and useful academic qualifications from abroad still find themselves trap in mean jobs with no potential for improvement whereas their skills could be better used if empowered or informed.

All these inevitable provide a strong obstacles to integration as the average time it takes a refugee  to properly acquire a career or a better job in UK is considerably higher than expected according to the Office of National statistics.
Barriers to refugees integration obviously prevents many migrants and refugees from contributing to the developments of their home countries or to invest in meaningful initiatives and projects back home.

CEDCOW also recognises that in order for refugees to contribute fully to all aspects of the society, they must feel safe and secure particularly against racial harassment and racially motivated violence. Experiences of insecurity and victimisation is gradually increasing in large refugee communities  in UK, provoked by some media hostility and right-wing politicians such as the

We  equally  believe that host communities need support and are entitle to receive fair and accurate information about refugees and migrants from the government. Furthermore,the media has to make efforts to positively present the image of refugees and defend their  interest in the public.

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