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This project is based in the Central River Region of Gambia and the South Western Region of Cameroon where poverty levels are high and the agriculture-dependent population often faces food shortages. To alleviate these problems, Common Initiative Groups will be supplied with goats for breeding in the community. Training will also be provided in livestock management including guidance in proper housing, feeding, basic health care for animals, tree planting and animal marketing strategies.

To further support the development of the livestock, veterinary services will be available and groups will construct barns for the animals. Tree planting will help to provide shade for the goats as well as providing a source of food in the long term. Additional food will be supplied where necessary, particulalry during the dry season when feed is scarce. By having access to a more reliable food supply, the animals are more likely to be able to withstand common diseases which results in a more reliable resource for the community.

It is hoped that breeding the goats will enable more farmers to benefit from the scheme, gaining access to meat and milk products. Farmers will learn the skills needed to help them develop a reliable food and income source which is essential to long-term development and poverty alleviation.

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Created On : 12-01-2012
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