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CEDCOW works with women in Gambia to develop literacy skills and computer training opportunities. Literacy levels in the project's region are among the lowest in the country, particularly for women who are often families' main breadwinner.

Research in the community has shown that literacy is an important foundation for building stronger communities. Higher levels of literacy are related to increased participation in political activities with more people choosing to vote and engaging in democratic decision-making. The benefits can be even more visible in everyday life where adults are able to read up to date health information and mothers are more likely to ensure their childen attend school.

The project is linked to vocational training to ensure it is relevant to the women's lives and brings maximum benefit. This includes education related to agriculture, microcredit and health.

Literacy is widely believed to enable people to have more influence and control over their own lives which, together with newly acquired skills can help participants gain new levels of confidence and a higher status in the community. At the community level, it can also help to strengthen civic education, peace building, faith sharing and further health and vocational training.

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