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Preventing Childhood Malaria Mortality

Malaria is both a highly preventable and treatable disease. Yet malaria continues to be a major killer in Africa. The Preventing Children Malaria Mortality project is a community-based health initiative which seeks to protect children from the devastating effects of malaria in the rural Menji and communities in Freetown.  Malaria is responsible for high levels of infant mortality in the region in addition to wider negative impacts on children’s long term development. This is compounded  by a lack of medical facilities and a misunderstanding of malaria’s symptoms and treatment.

Through the project, a programme of malaria prevention education will be rolled out among families, supported by the provision of insecticide-treated bed nets and life saving medicines.  As a result, the project hopes to protect thousand of children under 5 from malaria-related deaths and disabilities. It will focus upon disadvantaged communities and vulnerable groups  especially those living in the villages in the region and will support the training of  village health assistants in the communities so that they can successfully diagnose and treat cases of malaria. Vehicles will also be supplied so that health assistants can move about and deliver education and treatment throughout the region.

The project is embedded in local communities, with community leaders involved in all stages of development and implementation. This is essential to ensure that communities adopt new practices to prevent malaria, such as through using the bed nets supplied by the project.  The community-wide education programme will enable communities to learn to accept new practices which will have the long-term effects of reducing infant mortality and aiding the healthy development  of children into adults.


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Created On : 12-01-2012
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