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                 Principles and values


CEDCOW values and principles provide guidelines to our programme strategy, approaches, organizational structures and budget priorities.

                       High Effectiveness Low Cost

Conscious and effective use of funds or resources is paramount in every decision made. While accomplishing tangible and realistic results is important, it is also essential that CEDCOW is accountable in using funds allocated for it vital work.  In this regard we shall regularly publish our annual budget and accounts and made known our expenses.

   Focus on marginalized and poor communities or those disadvantaged.

We recognize that direct assistance to marginalized, underprivileged population will  inevitably contribute to sustainable development or poverty alleviation. Our programmes and projects will target those in society who are disadvantaged and less empowered from the economic, political and social fabric of the society.

Investing in initiative that foster sustainable development

CEDCOW volunteers , consultants and staffs are mostly African migrants and experts who understand the challenges faced by the people they are serving and know the best approaches to resolve them. CEDCOW also ensures that adequate consultation between partners and beneficiaries or communities they work in, and their ideas  and suggestions are  highly considered in the design and implementation of projects.

Addressing development needs and ensuring lasting results.

Most of CEDCOW project portfolio's are devoted to sustainable project that empower communities, produces jobs, tangible social and economic benefits and generate income, etc. In cases where the right opportunities already exist, CEDCOW helps marginalized poor or disadvantaged people and institutions to develop their capacity to join the global economy.
Over the years we have strive to be cost effective and ensure that resources reach African communities in a way that is transparent and accountable to beneficiaries.

                    Rights based development approach

 Whether in UK or Africa, our approach and work strategy will be rights based interventions. This principle ensures that the capacity of rights holders is increase, sought and taken into considerations in all matters regarding their well-being. This approach will contribute to increase sustainability. It includes amongst others:-equality and non discrimination, participation and inclusion.

                           Equality and diversity

 We strongly promote and encourage the principles of equality and diversity in our policies and work practice. We do not discriminate individuals as a result of their religious orientation, race, sexual orientation, age or belief. We greatly value and respect individual differences and believe that we can reap more benefit by creating a working environment measured on talents, drawn from different backgrounds.


CEDCOW’s rights based approach was summarized in a placard by one of our campaigner in Sierra Leone Sonko Aman , during a community workshop to

---Promote and strengthen rights -based approach to development.

---We advocate and believe that:- rights based interventions

Rights based strategy

Rights based policies

Rights based institutions


WILL RESULTS IN:- Comprehensive and profound Changes that is

Meaningful, inspiring, fulfilling

Empowering and Sustainable.


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