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Working with our partners

CEDCOW encourages practical and innovative approaches to work . Whether in the UK or in Africa, we are committed to work with individuals, NGOs, community organisation, government institutions and other stakeholders to foster development and improve community welfare.

CEDCOW continue to identify and support activities of partner organisations in the vital domain of poverty alleviation and sustainable development. We strengthen efforts in gender empowerment, resource management, environmental educational and conservation, etc.

The success of our partnership and outreach activities or field interventions has  enable CEDCOW  to establish a dynamic portfolio of meaningful  development projects and  initiatives

Besides  partnership building and networking, we also:

  • Enhances the skills and capacity  of our partner organisations.
  • Provide technical support or assistance.
  • Support in  fund-raising, designing, monitoring, evaluating and  implementation of  development projects and  programmes.



  Working with community based organisations and groups 

Community participation is cardinal to CEDCOW programmes. Whether in the UK or Africa, CEDCOW recognises that such participation is key in making sustainability work. We promote changes base on research, consultation, understanding and empowerment. We do not impose suggestions nor solutions, we help people and communities to identify issues, express them and propose solutions and alternatives.

CEDCOW believe that a truly participatory development process enables the community to be creative and take initiative independently from external influences. Not only do communities play a greater role in identifying and defining their projects, they are treated or regarded equal in their choice of strategy as well.

Our effectiveness in community based projects emanates from valuable consultation. Learning from the people , listening to community groups and individual actors in the society. We develop relationship and trust with beneficiaries of the projects, which helps towards viable solution to their problems. Our commitments of working in partnership with local communities and partners and to tailor our projects to meet the needs and desire of the people are  aptly the "heart of our mission".
Working with Government organisations and Institutions

Globalisation has increasingly highlighted the view that contemporary   world problems and challenges are closely related than previously thought. Decisions concerning trade, political actions, environmental hazards,etc, caused by one nation can affect another almost immediately. These imbalances also account for mass migration especially from South to North, in search of peace, economic opportunities, safety and secure environment. CEDCOW  recognises that sustainable security lie on long -term economic, social and political viability. We therefore focus on advocating or redressing policies and changes which will ultimately contribute in enhancing human welfare and encourages Governments to indulge in practices or actions that will contribute to the overall safety and security of their people and environment. CEDCOW therefore work in partnership with national and local Government to assist in policy development , research and most importantly practical implementation of development policies.
Working with NGOs and Civil Society Organisations

CEDCOW  recognizes that the challenges facing society is of a global dimension and perspective. Non can exclusively be resolved without sharing ideas, information, skills and networking. We also believe that these challenges can be mitigated  by understanding different views, approaches, strategy and sharing ideas across cultures and institutions including learning from one another to develop and harness best response.

CEDCOW work with various NGOs in the UK and Africa including stakeholders in Cameroon, Gambia and Sierra Leone . We also work with Community based organisations, Common Initiative Groups, traditional, cultural and religious institutions in a supportive and cooperative way to maximize their impact or benefits to their communities.

CEDCOW is also expanding it network to other organizations and countries in Africa in the vital domain of poverty reduction and sustainable development.
 Our partners and affiliated organisations have track record of supporting African communities and institutions in poverty alleviation and sustainable development and their activities, status and standards are frequently checked to conform with our values and ethics.

The list below is frequently updated to include organizations which are willing to work with us and who have been vetted to be capable of doing so.

Some Partners and affiliated organizations:
Solidarity sisters NGO -Buea
Rural development foundation
Based Extension, Common Initiative group
Society for environmental development
National Women voice
Development concern -NGO
 Sierra Leone
Partners organisations
Mobile : 232-76-660-367 / 232-77
Tel 00232-76648161-280-213

Kaur, Lower Saloum District
Central River Region North
Banjul, The Gambia
West Africa
Contact Person: Abdoulie Jallow
Telephone: 00220 7188496 / 00220 9932622
Email: Saywe2006@Yahoo.Co.Uk
Rural Poultry Farmers' Association
Yerro Berri Kunda
Falladu West District
Central River Region South
Banjul, The Gambia
West Africa
Contact Person: Abdoulie Manjang
Shine Africa Saaba Society
Saaba Villige
Lower Badibu District
North Bank Region
Banjul, The Gambia
West Africa
Contact Person: Madikay Balajo
Telephone: 00220 770714 / 00220 9928083

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