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Mr Georges Mampa Dietezua

POSITION: consultant

Prior to joining CEDCOW, Mr Dietezua has worked with several NGOs in The Democratic Republic of Congo, Belgium and UK.  He was the programme manager for the Institute Al Gadhafi for African Union Brussels, Belgium, where helped in planning and implementing development programmes for African countries.

Mr Dietazua also worked as Finance inspector and auditor at the Ministry of Finance, Democratic Republic of Congo where he played a leading role in negotiating project agreements with ministries and initiating partnerships with UNDP and other bilateral and multilateral organisations.

He therefore brings in a wealth of experience and skills into CEDCOW and will help the organisation in managing and evaluating international projects as well as strengthens donor relationship. He will also devise fundraising strategy and provide overall direction to CEDCOW projects in order to enhance project delivery and efficiency.
Besides international experience Mr Dietazua is well experienced and abreast with contemporary issues facing migrant communities especially refugees and asylum seekers some of which CEDCOW seek to address in UK. As such his experience in advising refugees and migrant organisations on issues including welfare rights, immigration, education and housing as well as providing translation and interpretation will greatly improve CEDCOW services and expand it programme outreach in UK.

Mr Mampa Dietazua holds a Masters degree (MSc) in NGOs and International Development from the University of East London, United Kingdom, a Masters in Public Finance Management and Development Management from the University of Antwerpen, Belgium. He also obtained a Bachelor’s degree on Public Financial Economics and Diploma in General studies in Economic from the University of Ivory Coast, Abidjan and University of Yaoundé Cameroon respectively.

POSITION: Country Representative,Gambia

Mr Jobarteh has more than 20 years experience in development management wide range academic training and international achievements.

Between 1987 and 2008, he worked principally for Action Aid The Gambia and The Gambia Social Development Fund. During these periods, he occupied several key roles and direct vital projects within these organisations.

He worked as Senior Research Assistant and Programme Management Information Systems Officer for Action Aid The Gambia. His responsibilities included, coordinating research, evaluation, monitoring and reviewing programme activities in Gambia.

Mr. Jobarteh also served as Micro Credit Officer and Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for The Gambia Social Development Fund where he successfully administered and managed micro credit funds to poor rural people and communities.

He also supervised poverty alleviation projects and NGO programmes in the Region.

Mr. Jobarteh's other experiences includes: - Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in European Development Fund sponsored project (Support to Decentralised Rural Development project in The Gambia), Field Assistance, Medical Research Council, and Team Supervisor, Gambia Family Planning Association.
In addition he has participated in the following international funded projects:

Reproductive Health Survey of Young Adults in the Greater Banjul Area by“ The Gambia Family Planning Association in collaboration with Family Health International.

Review of Adult Literacy Programme by Save the Children USA,

Setting up a Monitoring and Evaluation System for the Western Division Integrated Rural Development Programme in Gambia, Funded by Concern Universal (CU).

Participatory Poverty Assessment (PPA) funded by the Canadian International Development Research Centre, Regional office in Dakar Senegal through SPACO.

Review of Partnership Strategy for Action Aid The Gambia.

Development of Partnership Strategy for Action Aid The Gambia.

Terminal Reviews of Action Aid programmes in Gambia.

He holds an MSc in International Development and NGO Management, PgDip in Development and Management of Small Businesses and Industries and he also possesses diplomas and certificates in:

Project Implementation, Participatory Rural Appraisal Training, Business and Management Communications,Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation,Principles of Modern Management, Regulation and Practical Operations of Microfinance Institutions
POSITIONCountry Coordinator

Mr. Leke Alem   is a social worker with considerable experience in       community welfare projects especially those addressing the needs of children.

He has been involved in community rehabilitation projects specifically those addressing the rights of the child in Cameroon and Ghana.

Between 2004 - 2007 he worked as Outreach Worker at the Social Affairs
Department in Kumba where he identified and helped implement projects involving street children and victims of child abuse.

He also worked as project consultant and facilitator with "NSPOV Lebialem": - a NGO which support HIV/Aids Orphans and vulnerable Children.

Mr. Leke -Alem has also participated in research and consultations work on HIV and Poverty as well as identifying welfare policies and practices in Cameroon which can promote sustainable development.

He holds a Diploma in Social Work and Certificate on Community Base Rehabilitation Management.

POSITION: Country Coordinator, Cameroon

Mr. Khumbah has more than 20 years experience as Agricultural researcher, Extension Worker and Community Development Staff with the Cameroon Ministry of Agriculture. He has managed a wide range of agricultural, forestry and environmental projects in Cameroon.

He formerly worked as the Provincial Registrar of Cooperatives and Common Initiative Groups, Divisional Chief of Agricultural Statistics and Projects Supervisor in Western Province in Cameroon.

His practical and managerial experiences includes: Formulation of micro-projects and proposals to donors for funding, agricultural sensitization, mobilization and capacity building of Community Initiative and cooperative Groups. He also supported the execution of village Development Plans and advises rural organisations and community leaders on Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Environmental Management.

During his lengthy services with the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Khumbah conducted workshop and seminars addressing various issues as wells as follow-up of agricultural action plans in the field, analyze data and production of information relating to agricultural  marketing.

His other experiences involves: project design and implementation, Agricultural production and vulgarization, project design and execution, and agricultural networking.

Mr. Khumbah has lead key government poverty alleviation, strategy in North West and Western Province in Cameroon, liaises with NGOs and international development partners and has successfully managed community development organisations.

He is an Agricultural Engineer by profession and training.

POSITION: Research and Development Officer

Mr. Nguatem has a strong background in Human Rights Advocacy and has worked with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Cameroon and Belgium.
He equally  has considerable experience in managing development programmes, capacity building and human resource management. He founded and championed the operations of Review Human Rights Organization in Cameroon, (RHO) which advocates and empowers community rights organisations.

Mr. Nguatem has also worked with Humanitarian Refugee and Emergency Relief Agencies with considerable experiences in conducting refugees projects as well as  advice and legal assistance to refugees organisations and individuals.

He has coordinated human rights and development initiatives with NGOs in Cameroon including projects monitoring, assessment and review.
He also has interest and experience in conflict management, economic and institutional development, development advocacy and campaigning.

Mr. Nguatem  holds a Bachelor  degree in Law and Political Science, a  Post-graduate Diploma in Business Law, and Masters Degree in Good Governance and Development from the Institute of Development Policy and Management .

Theresia Nkeng  

 Programme Coordinator-Cameroon
Prior to joining CEDCOW in January 2011, she worked as a gender and community development consultant. She is responsible for   coordinating CEDCOW activities in Fako Divison.  She is also responsible for strengthening CEDCOW network, training and capacity building for local NGOs and managing campaign and advocacy programmes.  Theresia holds a BSc degree in Sociology and Anthropology and has been training on project and organisational management.

Leke Charles
Project officer –Cameroon
Charles work with country manager and projects coordinators in Cameroon. He is for supporting different community initiatives as well as country and programme coordinators in the discharge of their activities.  Amongst some of his responsibilities include fundraising, outreach activities, research and projects development support.

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