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African Programme

Programme purpose:
Improve the welfare of Africans by promoting sustainable development and Poverty alleviation initiatives and interventions.

Programme aims and objectives:

Empower African communities and institutions to fight  poverty, disease,  promote community  and sustainable development.

Build capacity of NGOs and community based organisations to foster development.

Advocate meaningful reforms and policies that sustain economic growth.

Promote and integrate human rights on sustainable development planning.

Promote environmental protection and conservation.

Support project management and implementation.

Programme Goal and Vision:

To contribute to the development and well-being of African society.


 Poverty alleviation will remain an indispensable challenge facing humanity especially in Africa.Most African Nations are endowed with abundant resources which  could contribute immensely to their  industrialisation and economic growth, but poor management and abuse of resources and power is a commonplace. Poverty demoralise and put families at risk and poor people lack confidence, believe and dignity in the society.

According to UN, more than half of people living in Sub Saharan Africa live on less than one dollar a day. Poverty provides a setback to sustainable development and environmental protection. For most people, particularly in rural areas, to get the next meal is more important than climate change or wildlife.

Through our branches, alliances and partners in Africa,CEDCOW advocate, identify, and undertake a range of development initiative and interventions to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development.

We also work with relevant institutions to support and strengthen policies and practices which highlight the connection between poverty and human rights and raise awareness of the injustice of poverty in accordance with UN Committee on Social Economic and Cultural Rights.


We also recognises that our campaign and advocacy programmes especially for the rights and aspiration of the poor, will ultimately change the ways in which resource , and decisions are made so that people and institutions in Africa have greater opportunities and means to control their own destiny

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