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Home Welcome to Centre for Development and Community Welfare (CEDCOW) CEDCOW is an international nongovernmental organisational established in 2009 with the aim of reducing poverty, promote health and wellbeing and foster sustainable development in Africa and UK. CEDCOW works mainly in Africa and has branches and partners in Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Gambia and UK. In Africa, our and programmes and projects focus on poverty alleviations, health, gender equality, capacity building, health system strengthening, advocacy and sustainable development. As with many INGO, CEDCOW has continued to learn and reflect on its work in order to identify best practices and explore innovative ways to improving lives and bringing sustain changes in disadvantaged communities. Following the first five year evaluation of our work, we have increased emphases and funding on projects that support women, children and the girl child. This means that we would continue to promote sustainable development goals in disadvantaged communities in Africa through our various interventions especially in maternal, newborn and child health, sexual reproductive health & rights and water, hygiene and sanitation (WASH). The centre for development and community welfare, therefore believe that sustainable changes and viable development interventions are needed to inspire and empower people to create a just and equal society free from poverty and disease. In both UK and Africa, most of our programmes centers on women who are the key breadwinners and economic architects of the society. Our approach and strategies are community driven to instil greater involvement and sustainability. The overriding goal of our Africa programme is supporting disadvantaged communities to transform and improve their wellbeing. Projects and activities supported by CEDCOW are located predominantly in Sub Saharan Africa. Both in UK and Africa, we work with our branches, partners and relevant institutions, to advocate, identify, and undertake a range of development initiatives and interventions. See what we do. CEDCOW is registered in UK as a Charity and a company. It has branches in Cameroon, Gambia and Sierra Leone. Company Registration No 7014549 Charity Registration No 1133701
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cocoa and palm cultivation: major source of income in West Africacocoa and palm cultivation: major source of income in West Africawomen learning vegetative multiplication of plantsMigration that support economic growth and stability